Sunday, January 27, 2008


Brian threw me a surprise party on Friday night; it was a lot of fun. We had plans to go to a Brasilian restaurant ( Emporio Brasilian Cafe - very good) with Susannah & Nelson & come back and play games. Well we went out and traffic was terrible & Brian was a little more bothered by it than usual, I figured it was because we were meeting Nelson at the restaurant and he didn't want him waiting there for a long time. The other slightly weird thing was that when we left home Brian realized he had left his cell at home & was so worried about it that we almost turned around to go get. If Brian had turned around it would have been a huge tip off because usually Brian is glad to not have his phone with him. Anyway, we had a good dinner & when we got home I walked in the door and saw a diaper bag that wasn't mine and then out jumped everyone. We apparently were there about 45 minutes late and everyone had been waiting around, but oh well. I had lots of fun & blew out all 23 candles on my better than almost anything cake (the censored name) with one big puff. People started leaving around 30-45 minutes later because of children's bed-times. Brian's best friend, Jared, and his wife, Caitlin (pronounced cot-lin), helped Brian pull the whole thing off and they stayed for a while afterward & got caught up in a conversation with my in-laws. It was a really great night & I have a really great husband.


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

How fun!!! What a sweet husband- lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Good job Brian!