Sunday, January 27, 2008

Praise to the Man

I just found out about the passing of our dear prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. He passed away tonight around 7 pm in his home surounded by family.

I just want to take a moment to bare testimony of him as a Prophet of the Lord. President HInckley has done so much for my testimony of so many things. His teachings have helped me be a better person & have been the answers to many of my prayers. I know that He was called of God. I know that He spoke the Lord's words and told of the Lord's will for us. I am so grateful to Him and what he has done for our church. When President Hinckley spoke you could feel the love that He had for you, even though you were hundreds or thousands of miles away, & you could feel the love that the Lord has for you. I will miss President Hinckley tremendously. I am sure that his wife is glad to be with him again & that He is glad to at last be back with her & I am also sure that the Heavens were filled with people ready to thank him for the part he played in their salvation. I also know that whoever shall be called to be the next Prophet of the church will all be called of God and will also speak the will of the Lord for his children on earth. I am grateful for the organization of the church and the knowledge that all that is done is done through the power of the Lord. I know the Lord has power to and does still reveal His words to us. He does this because he loves us and will not leave us to be led astray by the teachings of men and of the world. President Hinckley I love you and will miss you dearly.


Ryan said...


Muito obrigado por compartilhar seu testemunho com todos nós. Eu também sentia um grande afeto pelo Presidente Hinckley e vou ter saudades dele porque foi o profeta de minha juventude. Acho que foi uma bênção muito grande para todos os membros da Igreja que ele seguiu com saúde por tanto tempo.

Becca me contou que vocês já estão pensando em outro nenê. Parabéns. Tudo de bom para vocês.