Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 6th Photo Shoot

These pictures were taken by A Stolen Moment Photography. I got some of Lilliana in her blessing gown & some of her wearing some specially mama made items. Cameron is just being his cute, handsom self.

I'm Back

Ok, so I have taken a 5 month hiatus, but I am back now hopefully with more realistic expectations of myself. I am going to aim for at least one entry a week and if I have more great. Well, the biggest change for our family in these last 5 months is the birth our a beautiful baby girl, Lilliana Faith Crane, on April 27, 2009. I was blessed to have her at home, as we did with Cameron, with Brian, Becca (an amazing college friend) & my midwife, plus the other attending midwives. My mother-in-law watched Cameron who managed to stay up until about 5 minutes before Lilliana was born at 2:09am.
Cameron has done amazingly well with her and loves to exclaim, " I love my baby sister very much" or something to those ends any chance that he gets. He also likes to hold her and and give her hugs and kisses. He has been a great helper and I am so grateful that he has done as well as he has with this transition
Lilliana is a very smiley baby, who has started smiling and almost laughing with joy at Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother. Lilliana is also very demanding due to the fact that she has allergies that cause her a lot of congestion, but we are going for her 2 month appointment tomorrow and hopefully will be given some good resources to help her with them. I will totally admit loving having a baby girl to dress up and make cute.
I actually started making hair bows, tutus and bracelets for her and have received so many compliments that I decided to try selling them. I am hoping to open up shop in the next week or two I just want to be sure I understand the legal side of things (i.e. taxes and such) before I jump in. I have several dozen hair bows, several tutus and a few different jewelery items already done though. So when I open up I will have a good inventory of item to sell. Besides that I have been keeping busy trying to figure out how to be a good mom to two children while still keeping up with house work, cooking, being a good wife and trying to find a small bit of leisure time & getting enough sleep all in one 24 hour day.
Brian did amazingly well last semester despite having to take care of me and my broken foot & our child and the house during midterms & having a baby born right before finals started. He had a short three week break and is now back in school for the Summer about to start his summer midterms. During his break he took it upon himself to check off something from his honey-do list, what a great guy. When this Summer semester is done Brian will have completed his first full year of his doctoral program and will only have two more left. He has decided that he really likes the Orthopedic side of physical therapy and has to decided to follow up his schooling with an orthopedic residency program that will add some more letters to his title when he finishes that program he will be Brian Crane DPT OCS. He is also looking at a fellowship program to do afterward that will add 6 or 7 more letters to that alphabet soup at the end of his name.
Anyway, as mentioned earlier I will aim for once a week. I am not going to chronicle the last five months or try to make up for them, otherwise I will not end up keeping up with the current info. I will, however, try and go through pictures and add those with blurbs about them. I hope everyone is doing well & I am going to try to keep in tough better as it was kind of depressing to fall off the face of the earth for 5 months.