Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time flies on wings of fun and frustrations

Well, Sophia and I have had quite the eventful month. We have been so busy as of late with one thing or the other that we haven't had the opportunity to get on the blog and mention any of the wondrous and less than marvelous things that have been occurring as of late. We have been busy with doing repairs on the house and trying to resolve other associated frustrations. Being a homeowner is great. We have had plumbing and air conditioning issues which led to a leak in the attic. Unfortunately, the leak in the attic was not discovered until we saw water dripping from the ceiling and water damage to the sheetrock on both the ceiling an the wall. Yeah, hurray. Fortunately we were able to poke a hole in the sheetrock before the water accumulated sufficiently to break through. We then had some help from my dad to get the insulation moved since I was still having a hard time crouching down very far due to my ankle injury, so it could dry and not become the bearer of mold and other such fun things. It's amazing how quickly it dried out in the cool and dank environment of an attic here in Houston during the summer. I was sure it would take at least a few weeks. Now we had a plumber come out to help us find the leak in our house that was causing our ridiculously high water bills. He found no leaks that were causing that but did discover and repair the backed up pipe that was causing the water to overflow from the drip pan. Then the A/C guy came and said that things looked okay, so at least we didn't have to replace the A/C unit. We still don't know what's causing the high water bills, so now we have to get a sprinler guy to come and check them for problems. Only time will tell. The leak in the attic prevented us from putting in more insulation like we had originally planned to do the weekend that it was discovered. While we were doing the repairs up there, we noticed that the air conditioning unit was leaking large amounts of air in the attic, so yesterday with the benevolent help of Quentin, I was able to tape them and hopefully stop trying to cool our attic. Now that I have talk about the fun stuff, oh wait. Anyways, around mid June we had the privilege and pleasure of going to Illinois for Bobbi and Paul's sealing in the Nauvoo temple. Bobbi is one of Sophia's best friends from high school and they're more like sisters. We had a really great time the week that we were there. Other than this one wonderfully glorious event, I'm going to let Sophia share all of the splendid wonders and marvels that have occurred in our lives this past month. Besides, it's late and estoy cansado.