Saturday, December 29, 2007

Won't you be my neighbor

We were invited to our neighbor's 3 year old's party today. It was a lot of fun to take Cameron over and see him playing with (or by, rather) other kids. The other nice thing is there was another big baby there that weighed almost as much as Cameron's 26 lbs 1 oz (the stats of our last Dr. visit almost a month ago) and was nearly as tall as he was (Cameron is 32" as of that same visit). It always makes me smile to see that my BIG baby is not the only one out there (Cameron is in the 50% for babies a year older than him). Cameron basically played with toys- the fun noise making kind that mama won't buy for him, and ate grapes while we talked and got to know our new neighbors.
The rest of the day was spent repainting Cameron old Beautiful and bright nursery to the sterile, neutral white it used to be. We also cleaned the old apartment so that when we hand over the keys on Monday they don't fine us for a messy apartment. Not the most exciting way to spend the last Saturday of the year; but, all in all, it was a nice day.

Friday, December 28, 2007

What a week

Well it has been quite a week for us. We have now officially lived in our new home for one week. We got the keys to the house last Friday around 7 pm, cleaned the house that night (so everything would be spick and span when we moved in) and moved most of our stuff in Saturday. We decorated the Christmas tree Sunday. Brian's mom gave us his ornaments from when he was growing up and it was really cool to be able to use them. Monday, Christmas Eve, was spent with more unpacking and moving. We stopped at eight for a special Family Home Evening where we read the Christmas story from the Gospels and the Book of Mormon.
On Christmas day we got up around nine and it was so much fun to see Cameron enjoy his fisrt Christmas. Cameron got so excited from his stocking (some wooden toy cars) though that he was hardly interested in the other things he received (some blocks, a toy duck clacker thingy & a inch worm toy that you push and it takes off for the child to crawl after). Brian & I were both happy with what we received too some high lights; Sophia - pearl necklace, signed copy of Chicken Soup books, and dark chocolate; Brian- Wiz Wars (out of print board game he has wanted since before the mish), lots of other games, a comic book of Dilbert and some clothing items. We enjoyed the rest of our day at Brian's parent's home where Cameron received a toy piano and a counting book and we received a beautiful painting of Christ to hang in our new home along with the book "The Giving Chest" signed by Dick VanDyke.
We have spent the rest of the week moving the last of our things from the apartment and trying to undertake the daunting task of unpacking. We have a new home phone number and if you would like it please email me. We really love our new house and once I find the things I need to upload pictures I will post some. We hope everyone has had a great Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year.

P.S. I found out today that we have a new niece who was born late last night and weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. & was 20.25 inches and because the info was past on from my father-in-law to my husband that is the only info that I have.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Can I Get a Drum Roll Please...

So, there is more big news from the Cranes. Brian received a phone call yesterday from TWU, his number one pick, to tell him that he has been accepted into there Docorate of Physical Therapy program starting next August. We are thrilled because not only is it his number one choice, but it also is only 15 minutes away from our new house. We had a strong inkling that he would get in. We feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful program let him in and we know that the Lord has helped to make this possible. Well, we have had a full day of packing. So, this is going to be a short one.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There' s No Place Like Home For the Holidays

It is official, we are closing on Friday and we will be in our new house (our house, that sure does sound nice) before Christmas. We are really excited and can hardly wait to get into the house. The hard part now is finding time to pack. If we can get Cameron away from the boxes long enough maybe we can get something in them besides him.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Helping himself

One of Cameron's favorite things to do is feed himself, even if it is something like applesauce. Here he is feeding himself egg yolks & cottage cheese.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quite the weekend

We had quite the weekend here in the Crane household. We had the inspection for the house on Thursday and it went really well. They said that the house is in really great condition especially compared to other house it's age (built in 78) the only thing they saw was some issues with the chimney and they suggested we get a certified chimney sweep to come and inspect it. Can I just say, Chimney sweeps have come a long way from dancing on the roof tops cause now they've nifty computer equipment that checks everything out up in there. The chimney sweep was a really nice guy and he told us that we would have to get several things saved in order to be able to use the chimney/fire place, but that at the absolute very least we needed to fix the exterior stuff to avoid further interior issues. The chimney sweep came on Sat. and while we were there in the house we more or less planned how we wanted to set things up when we moved in.
On Friday, Cameron was sick and we took him to the doctor, but we were told that he just had a cold made worse by the allergy symptoms He already had and that he just needed time to get over it. Sadly by 7pm-ish that night, I also got sick and was down and out with a temperature up to 102.2. Let me tell you, being sick is no fun at all. Since I was sick I wasn't able to help out as much with Cameron and Brian ended up taking care of the both of us. Cameron didn't feel well at all, so he spent almost the entire night screaming or whimpering, which in turn kept both of us up most of the night. He would stop screaming if somebody was carrying him and sort of slept in our arms, but due to my not feeling well, I was very light headed and felt weak so Brian carried Cameron most of the night. Fortunately, Cameron slept fine last night and we were all able to finally get some sleep & I am finally feeling better minus a sore throat.
We went out last night (for the inspection) and after we got back to the apartment, we accidentally locked the keys in the van and were stuck outside, where it was actually pretty cold and windy. We went to our neighbors apartment, which luckily, Brian has become friends with them. We hung out in their apartment while we called and then waited for a locksmith to come. $100 later we were able to get our keys and stuff and go back home. That night ended up costing us $100+ and if we were going to blow that much money, too bad we didn't at least do it at Fogo de Chão (churrascaria- think tucanos for you Provoans, Provo-ites, or whatever you are) in Houston. C'est La Vie.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Enrichment

Tonight we had a really amazing Christmas enrichment themed "White Christmas", the focus was the temple. It was a really beautiful program that encouraged us to give the gift of temple service as our gift to the Lord for Christmas this year. The decorations were beautiful, the tables & chairs looked prettier than our reception (we have a caterer in the ward). But the biggest surprise was that I sang in the program, lets just say I sat next to the wrong people when someone didn't show up. It turned out well even though I had never seen the arrangment before. I really enjoyed my evening away & kudos to the people who pit the evening together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pinching, biting and hair pulling, Oh My

So, Cameron has, in the past few weeks, developed some habits that I do not like. Ever since his top teeth came in he finds every opportunity to bite possible. He can get a finger in his mouth and chomped on faster than I can blink. However, he is not just a finger biter, he likes toes, hands, arms, legs, if he can somehow make it fit in his mouth he will bite it. The other two habits have taken root in his development of his pincer grip. He pinches, and hard too, all the time, but especially while he is nursing. Cameron will reach up and pinch my clavical, neck, under arm, stomach or if I am holding him he will pinch my wrists or where ever he can reach. The problem is that everytime I say "ouch" or "no biting/pinching/pulling hair" he starts crying-correction bawling. So, does anyone have any suggestions for how to get a 9 month old boy to stop biting, pinching & pulling hair?

Monday, December 10, 2007

One tough baby

Cameron has had a rough couple of days. Mobility has been hard on his little body. Saturday he face planted on our tile kitchen flooring resulting in a big bruise and bump, Sunday he fell face first into an air vent resulting in bleeding, cut up gums & today he fell out of the bathtub onto the tile floor below (it was the first time he has ever climbed anything) in the time it took to turn and get a towel. Brian and I have both felt like bad parents even though, or maybe especially since, he has been supervised during all these events. But, thankfully the Lord made babies tough and some love, cuddling, maybe nursing and a little ice & Cameron is off crawling and getting into new things not too much later.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I have a GREAT Husband

Ok, so I know that I am biased, but I have a GREAT husband. He is so supportive. Now, let me explain a little my adulation. I am the Secretary for our ward Relief Society (our women’s organization) so my Sundays, especially, are pretty packed. Now this is where the wonderfulness of Brian kicks in (well not the only time but a big time), Brian will take and watch Cameron throughout most of the three hour block of church, barring nursing of course. But, today was especially nice because not only did he do that, but also he let me get in a nap. Also, we had our stake Christmas sing-in and Brian knowing how much I love music volunteered right off to take Cameron so that I could enjoy the music- isn't he great.
Anyway, besides appreciating the break it gives, I get to see how much Brian and Cameron love each other, which makes me fall in love with the both of them even more. It is so fun to see the two of them together & watch them play and enjoy each other. It is kind of nice that my Mama's boy is starting to want his Daddy more and more. Well that is all for tonight, needless to say I love my two guys VERY MUCH!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Texas Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas party tonight & it was Texas Barbeque themed. There were cacti and cowboy boots, bandanas & cowboy hats. I guess it is appropriate for our first Christmas party in Texas to be themed such, but I must admit that I thought it was pretty funny. Don't get me wrong the food was great and the program was really good. I just thought it was funny to have a Texas themed Christmas party. Cameron enjoyed himself, though by the time Santa came he was so tired he really didn't want anything to do with him Brian did get a picture & I will get it up here when I find the cord for the camera.
Brian said that the camp out was fun and that the boys had fun. They played football & frisbee and apparently Brian's speediness thoroughly impressed the boys. They also saw a few 12 foot alligators while out and about on the camp grounds (Brazos Bend State Park).
I finally got my training for my calling & am feeling a LOT better about being able to do a good job as a Relief Society Secretary. Thankfully I work with a very patient Presidency and they have put up very well with my fumbling through the calling. I spent from 9:30 until nearly 1:30 being shown the ropes of my calling. I am so greatful for people who are willing give up time like that up to help out. Cameron had a lot of fun playing with Margarita's (the RS Pres) girls while I was being trained. He really loves people, especially females and children. He has however become very leary of men with gray or white hair. Everytime time he sees one I gets lots of snuggles and occasionally (or more like frequently in his Grandpa's case) I get to comfort a crying baby. Well that is all for tonight.

Friday, December 7, 2007

They Accepted!

Our offer was accepted and we are on way to having a wonderful house! I am so excited. We are having the house inspected on Wednesday & if all goes well with that they are wanting to close before Christmas. What a blessing we have received from the Lord to find such a gem of a house.
Brian is getting ready for his camp out with the scouts. He has been struggling to get any of them to do anything, but he hopes that they have a fun time. I will miss having him here, I know that it is just one night, but still.
Well, we hope everyone is doing well. And that your Christmas seasons' are helping bring the spirit of Christ rather than the consumerism. We keep you posted on the house situation.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another attempt at communication

So, I am trying yet another attempt at keeping in touch. We have a lot of things going on right now, but most excitingly we just put in an offer for a house. We found out about a month and half ago that Cameron is allergic to the mold and mildew that runs rampant in our appartment. So, we started hunting for other places to live and we finely found a place, Yay!

We will find out sometime tonight or tomorrow morning whether our offer was accepted. We are hoping to be in by the new year.

Cameron is cute & big as ever. We went to our first visit where he hadn't gained even a pound (only 5 oz) since the visit before. That is not to say that he is small he ways a whopping 25lbs 9oz and is 31.5 inches long & he is wear 2t-4t hats. He is in the 50% for babies a year older than him! He is cruising around the furniture and crawling around everywhere. He always seems to find the one thing that the vaccuum didn't pick up or the one outlet that didn't get a cover put back on it. It is so fun to see him progressing so fast. He is such a smart baby, always figuring out ways to get around the barriers we set up for him.

Brian was put in charge of his first job at work which has stressed him out a little. He is doing a great job and proving himself wonderfully. He is gearing up for his first campout with the scouts tomorrow.

I am trying to figure out how to be wife, mom, cook, house keeper, RS Secretary, friend, daughter, aunt, sister, granddaughter, niece and student all at the same time and do well at all of them. I seem to be able to do only a few at a time and fail miserably at the others. I am also in the process of becoming a provisional- then affliated Bradley (Natural Husband-coached childbirth) instructor. I have done the training and just need to read & review a few books and interview different hospitals, birth centers & midwives to find the best and worst of the birth attendants in the area. I hope to be teaching by March at the latest.

Anyway, that has been our crazy past few months. We really don't want to lose touch with anyone. So, please feel free to comment as much as you want and let us know what is going on in your lives too. If you have a blog that we don't know about let me know I would love to be able to visit it and see what is going on with you.