Friday, December 28, 2007

What a week

Well it has been quite a week for us. We have now officially lived in our new home for one week. We got the keys to the house last Friday around 7 pm, cleaned the house that night (so everything would be spick and span when we moved in) and moved most of our stuff in Saturday. We decorated the Christmas tree Sunday. Brian's mom gave us his ornaments from when he was growing up and it was really cool to be able to use them. Monday, Christmas Eve, was spent with more unpacking and moving. We stopped at eight for a special Family Home Evening where we read the Christmas story from the Gospels and the Book of Mormon.
On Christmas day we got up around nine and it was so much fun to see Cameron enjoy his fisrt Christmas. Cameron got so excited from his stocking (some wooden toy cars) though that he was hardly interested in the other things he received (some blocks, a toy duck clacker thingy & a inch worm toy that you push and it takes off for the child to crawl after). Brian & I were both happy with what we received too some high lights; Sophia - pearl necklace, signed copy of Chicken Soup books, and dark chocolate; Brian- Wiz Wars (out of print board game he has wanted since before the mish), lots of other games, a comic book of Dilbert and some clothing items. We enjoyed the rest of our day at Brian's parent's home where Cameron received a toy piano and a counting book and we received a beautiful painting of Christ to hang in our new home along with the book "The Giving Chest" signed by Dick VanDyke.
We have spent the rest of the week moving the last of our things from the apartment and trying to undertake the daunting task of unpacking. We have a new home phone number and if you would like it please email me. We really love our new house and once I find the things I need to upload pictures I will post some. We hope everyone has had a great Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year.

P.S. I found out today that we have a new niece who was born late last night and weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. & was 20.25 inches and because the info was past on from my father-in-law to my husband that is the only info that I have.


Kyle said...

The niece's name is Erica Leonard. 6lbs 13oz, 20-1/4inches long, born 12/27/2007@11:15pm.

Kyle Leonard