Monday, December 17, 2007

Helping himself

One of Cameron's favorite things to do is feed himself, even if it is something like applesauce. Here he is feeding himself egg yolks & cottage cheese.


DaxKelson said...

Cool vid! I think he inherited his stylish eating technique from his uncle!

Sorry we couldn't talk longer on the phone last night, we were having a melt down around the Christmas tree.

Tiffany said...

A good solid mess! Benjamin's still not really taking solids, we'll keep trying though. As far as backgrounds go, I'm going to try to remember to write you an email explaining specifically how I've done my background. It's a littl complicated and I'll be walking myself through it while I write you an email, but it may not come for a day or two.

For now you could look at this website:

It's free templates and I'm pretty sure that explains how to make them be your background. I have one big complaint about it and that is that I think the pictures look weird when you post them because the background looks weird. You can look at one example here: It's not a major problem, but it's the reason I haven't used it much. Also be aware that when you put their template on, only the things on their template will be on your blog. So you'll lose your links and pictures in your sidebar. Now you can easily go back in and add them, but just be aware that they will be deleted when you first do it.

Okay, I'll work on explaining what I do in an email. Merry Christmas!