Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quite the weekend

We had quite the weekend here in the Crane household. We had the inspection for the house on Thursday and it went really well. They said that the house is in really great condition especially compared to other house it's age (built in 78) the only thing they saw was some issues with the chimney and they suggested we get a certified chimney sweep to come and inspect it. Can I just say, Chimney sweeps have come a long way from dancing on the roof tops cause now they've nifty computer equipment that checks everything out up in there. The chimney sweep was a really nice guy and he told us that we would have to get several things saved in order to be able to use the chimney/fire place, but that at the absolute very least we needed to fix the exterior stuff to avoid further interior issues. The chimney sweep came on Sat. and while we were there in the house we more or less planned how we wanted to set things up when we moved in.
On Friday, Cameron was sick and we took him to the doctor, but we were told that he just had a cold made worse by the allergy symptoms He already had and that he just needed time to get over it. Sadly by 7pm-ish that night, I also got sick and was down and out with a temperature up to 102.2. Let me tell you, being sick is no fun at all. Since I was sick I wasn't able to help out as much with Cameron and Brian ended up taking care of the both of us. Cameron didn't feel well at all, so he spent almost the entire night screaming or whimpering, which in turn kept both of us up most of the night. He would stop screaming if somebody was carrying him and sort of slept in our arms, but due to my not feeling well, I was very light headed and felt weak so Brian carried Cameron most of the night. Fortunately, Cameron slept fine last night and we were all able to finally get some sleep & I am finally feeling better minus a sore throat.
We went out last night (for the inspection) and after we got back to the apartment, we accidentally locked the keys in the van and were stuck outside, where it was actually pretty cold and windy. We went to our neighbors apartment, which luckily, Brian has become friends with them. We hung out in their apartment while we called and then waited for a locksmith to come. $100 later we were able to get our keys and stuff and go back home. That night ended up costing us $100+ and if we were going to blow that much money, too bad we didn't at least do it at Fogo de Chão (churrascaria- think tucanos for you Provoans, Provo-ites, or whatever you are) in Houston. C'est La Vie.


Ryan said...

It sounds to me like things are going well even though the ride hasn't been smooth. Sorte com a nova casa. Vi propaganda para Fogo do Chão e tenho vontade de provar. Talvez possamos todos quando formos para lá para visitar vocês.