Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Texas Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas party tonight & it was Texas Barbeque themed. There were cacti and cowboy boots, bandanas & cowboy hats. I guess it is appropriate for our first Christmas party in Texas to be themed such, but I must admit that I thought it was pretty funny. Don't get me wrong the food was great and the program was really good. I just thought it was funny to have a Texas themed Christmas party. Cameron enjoyed himself, though by the time Santa came he was so tired he really didn't want anything to do with him Brian did get a picture & I will get it up here when I find the cord for the camera.
Brian said that the camp out was fun and that the boys had fun. They played football & frisbee and apparently Brian's speediness thoroughly impressed the boys. They also saw a few 12 foot alligators while out and about on the camp grounds (Brazos Bend State Park).
I finally got my training for my calling & am feeling a LOT better about being able to do a good job as a Relief Society Secretary. Thankfully I work with a very patient Presidency and they have put up very well with my fumbling through the calling. I spent from 9:30 until nearly 1:30 being shown the ropes of my calling. I am so greatful for people who are willing give up time like that up to help out. Cameron had a lot of fun playing with Margarita's (the RS Pres) girls while I was being trained. He really loves people, especially females and children. He has however become very leary of men with gray or white hair. Everytime time he sees one I gets lots of snuggles and occasionally (or more like frequently in his Grandpa's case) I get to comfort a crying baby. Well that is all for tonight.