Saturday, April 17, 2010

My new favorite outfit for Lilliana

Ok, I totally admit it, I love having a girl. Now don't get me wrong, having a boy is fun & I love it. However, girl things are so much cuter & way more fun to make. Here is my new favorite that I made for Lilliana using a plain white onesie, about a quarter yard of fabric, some elasticized ruffle ribbon & some black & white polka dot ribbon. I used some scraps I had of the fabric that I used for the skirt to make some cloth covered button.    Cameron (and one of his cousins) has a bow tie made with the same fabric as the skirt. I really love the contrast between the black & yellow.

4 rows of ruffles, cloth buttons, bows on the sleeves

a cute ruffly bum peaking out under the skirt

a bow on top of all the cute ruffles

It is done!

So here it is, my gorgeous new wreath! I absolutely love it. I took two trips to the park to collect all the acorns. On my second trip a mom asked me what I was doing & I told her that I was collecting acorns for a wreath. She must have told some other people, before long about half the kids at the park were bringing me acorns and putting them in my bucket, it was super cute. So, after a lot of gluing, it is all done. After I (spray) painted it I went to go and get some ribbon for it, when I came back Cameron had scraped most of the paint off with a twig he brought in the house. I had to repaint it, it you look at the back from inside you can see some of the scraped parts that I missed, but at that point it was hung and I didn't want to bother taking it all down again.

The natural look matched our door too much so I brightened it up with this awesome blue color & I love it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring time fun

We have been really enjoying the Spring. Here are some of the things that we have been busy doing instead of  blogging.

Lilliana, Avery, Levi all lined up together to explore the woodchips. I thought it was super cute

Daddy & Cameron were having slide races at the park. This is one of our favorite parks to go to. People donate toys to the park. So, along with the play equipment there are push toys, ride-ons, scooters, trikes, tables, you name it.

Lilliana likes to slide too, but that is probably because Cameron does. She likes to do anything that he does.

I have no idea what kind of flower this is. It is in our yard and blooms every year the blooms stick around for a few weeks & then we don't see them again until the following Spring. I think that they are gorgeous.

Lilliana enjoying the swing that our friend Emily brought over to us. Emily found it in someone's large trash pick up pile. Just goes to show that "one man's junk is another man's treasure." Whenever we go outside now she bee-lines for the swing and signs "up" (both arms raised) or points to it. She loves swinging, much unlike her brother- who loves the idea but once on a swing and actually swinging he begs to get off within a few seconds.

My cute Cameron posing for a photo in his studdly pinstripe suit coat & bowtie

I am so glad they love eachother so much.


I love Easter. What a wonderful time of year. The world is reborn and it reminds us of our Savior & his glorious resurrection. I am so grateful for a time to remember his sacrifice & love. Here are some photos from our Easter celebrations this year. We ended up attending 4 different egg hunts; one at the library for story time, one at Ikea during the March birthday party we went to for Cameron, one for our ward play group & one at home.

Lilliana enjoyed her first Easter & first egg hunt that we had at a park for our ward playgroup

A few of the sugar cookies that Cameron & Mommy made and decorated. This was the first time that I personally made sugar cookies from scratch. I got the recipe and a great tutorial from MADE -have I mentioned that I love that site. I love that you don't have to chill these so they are super fast to make.

Cameron & Mommy having fun dyeing Easter eggs, it was Cameron's first time

The finished product. Some are hard boiled and some are filled with chocolate. Can you tell the difference? Cameron was really surprised when he cracked into the egg with chocolate

Cameron finding his basket. We had our egg hunt in between Conference sessions this year, so everyone was dressed up

Lilliana finding her basket. Lilliana LOVES puzzles so that is what she got in her basket along with some eggs filled with cereal  & baby goldfish crackers

It took Brian a while to find his basket

Cameron hunting for more treat to fill his basket. He kept stopping to open every egg and see what was inside. Needless to say, the hunt took a long time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

San Antonio Trip

Brian playing basketball

Brian at the net

Happy spectators

Gigantic cinnamon rolly goodness

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Love Spring

Attn: This is going to be a image-less post. I left my camera at Brian's parent's house. 

Sorry, for the hiatus. Between, nice weather, spring cleaning, crafting & trying to get the house ready for the Summer, I haven't spent much time on the computer. A few week ago we went to San Antonio so that Brian could compete in the PT Olympics, a competition against all the PT programs in the state of Texas. We had lots of fun. Brian competed in basketball & volleyball. His school got 2nd place. The school that hosted (and always does) won 1st place (they always do), coincidence, I think not. Brian also says that I am now officially Texan (I am not) because I ate Texas size food for the first time, including a 3 1/2 pound cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll took us 5 days to work our way through and was DELICIOUS. 
Lilliana's walking has really taken off, she is now practically a pro. It blows my mind to see her walking around she is becoming less & less a baby everyday. I can't believe that in 2 weeks she will be a year old. She has such a fun personality & is so curious. She also LOVES her big brother. I have been struggling with her & solids. She wants to eat the things that she can't have, due to an allergy to egg whites and a considerable number of food sensitivities, but the food that she can have she is generally not interested in. I am always paranoid about what she has in her mouth because I don't know if it is something that will give her a reaction. 
Cameron is a great big brother and a wonderful helper. He has really been loving being able to play outside. The last several Springs we have been stuck inside due to allergies. His new favorite thing is telling jokes and stories.  He also loves having stories told to him. 
I have been busy working on getting the house ready for when we have someone else living in it. I have also been working on a few crafty projects. I made Lilliana a super cute outfit, by embellishing a onesie & making a skirt; it is probably one of my favorites. I am also working on an acorn wreath like the one seen on MADE. I ran out of acorns, so I need to go back to the park and collect some more tomorrow. 
Well, that is it for now. I will try to get my camera back this week so I can upload some of our super great photos.