Saturday, April 17, 2010

It is done!

So here it is, my gorgeous new wreath! I absolutely love it. I took two trips to the park to collect all the acorns. On my second trip a mom asked me what I was doing & I told her that I was collecting acorns for a wreath. She must have told some other people, before long about half the kids at the park were bringing me acorns and putting them in my bucket, it was super cute. So, after a lot of gluing, it is all done. After I (spray) painted it I went to go and get some ribbon for it, when I came back Cameron had scraped most of the paint off with a twig he brought in the house. I had to repaint it, it you look at the back from inside you can see some of the scraped parts that I missed, but at that point it was hung and I didn't want to bother taking it all down again.

The natural look matched our door too much so I brightened it up with this awesome blue color & I love it.


April said...

That is beautiful! How long did it take you to make?

Sophia & Cameron said...

a few hours, I just popped in a movie after everyone was in bed.

emily said...

i love that color--i was thinking acorns were only for fall, but this is so springy! reminds me of those yummy jordan almonds.