Friday, April 16, 2010


I love Easter. What a wonderful time of year. The world is reborn and it reminds us of our Savior & his glorious resurrection. I am so grateful for a time to remember his sacrifice & love. Here are some photos from our Easter celebrations this year. We ended up attending 4 different egg hunts; one at the library for story time, one at Ikea during the March birthday party we went to for Cameron, one for our ward play group & one at home.

Lilliana enjoyed her first Easter & first egg hunt that we had at a park for our ward playgroup

A few of the sugar cookies that Cameron & Mommy made and decorated. This was the first time that I personally made sugar cookies from scratch. I got the recipe and a great tutorial from MADE -have I mentioned that I love that site. I love that you don't have to chill these so they are super fast to make.

Cameron & Mommy having fun dyeing Easter eggs, it was Cameron's first time

The finished product. Some are hard boiled and some are filled with chocolate. Can you tell the difference? Cameron was really surprised when he cracked into the egg with chocolate

Cameron finding his basket. We had our egg hunt in between Conference sessions this year, so everyone was dressed up

Lilliana finding her basket. Lilliana LOVES puzzles so that is what she got in her basket along with some eggs filled with cereal  & baby goldfish crackers

It took Brian a while to find his basket

Cameron hunting for more treat to fill his basket. He kept stopping to open every egg and see what was inside. Needless to say, the hunt took a long time.