Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ladies Man

We had a really good first week of the year. We have done a lot of unpacking which means boxes are starting to disappear, much to my delight & Cameron's dismay. We had Susannah & Rebekah come and visit us Thursday & they came back with Nelson today. It has been so nice to get to know them better. We have finally found another couple where we get along with eachother (Brian & Nelson click and Susanah & I do, plus we can all talk to eachother too) & not just I like the wife or Brian like the husband. We have slowly been finding couples inthe ward to befriend & we are glad that Susanah & Nelson are one of them. Cameron also likes having Rebekah come over he enjoys having another small person around, even if she does push him away whenever he gets too close (the only girl that has ever done that to him, the older girls just can't resist his big brown eyes and long curly lashes) . Cameron is quite the flirt he spent a large pasrt of sacrament meeting smiling & making eyes at the 3 girls behind us. Cameron also took a book break at the library the other day to flirt with the young librarian who was putting away books. He is such a cutie now, I am afraid that I am going to have to lock him up until his mission to keep the girls away. Cameron gets more and more vocal everyday. He has started babbling "Mamamamama" which makes me happy. For about a month, all I ever heard was "Dadadadadada". The good thing was whenever I wanted Brian to change a diaper Cameron always agreed with me.