Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crane's 2007 - The Reader's Digest Version

We had quite the year; for those of you that we didn't get much chance to talk to, here are the highlights of our year.
January- Sophia turned 22 (her favorite number), Brian started his killer semester of 21.5 credits (it was his best semester grade wise in College by-the-way), Cameron- was still cozy inside mommy practicing his soccer skills by bruising mommy's ribs
February- We celebrated our first Valentines day married by taking a baby-moon trip to Bear Lake, Cameron was getting cramped and ready to get out and explore his world. Sophia's Aunt Maureen threw her a baby shower at the begining of the month for family & her friend Becca threw her one at the end of the month for friends
March- Brian & Sophia became first time parents March 2nd (Cameron was due the 17th), 8:44 am after Sophia labored 8.5 hours and pushed for 1 hour . We really enjoyed the experience of having an unmedicated, home, husband coached water birth. The experience was one of bonding, love, joy & hardwork. Cameron was born at 7 lbs. 2 oz & 20.5 inches. He didn't stay that way long at his 2 week appointment he had already gained 2 pounds and 1.5 inches. He was a Mama's Boy from day one. Sophia missed the opportunity to speak at her niece's (Bailey) baptism on the 3rd.
April- Brian's Grandpa Trimble passed away on Cameron's 1 month after fighting an infection for awhile. He was buried the Saturday before Easter and the services were full of hope and happiness, as well as mourning for his passing. Brian ended the month on a happy note and graduated from BYU with a Bachelor in Science degree in Excersize Science on April 25 & 26. We packed the next day & left the 30th. Cameron was blessed the 20th we were blessed to have a lot of family be able to come to it. Cameron was 2 oz shy of 13 lbs at his 6 week check up, we couldn't button the top button or the wrists of his 2-3 mon blessing suit. Cameron's cousin Adria was born Aril 27, 8 weeks exactly after he was.
May- We moved to Texas (stayed with Brian's parent's 'til we found a place) & Celebrated our 1 year anniversary 2 days later. Sophia celebrated her very first Mother's Day. Cameron weighed over 16 lbs by the time we had a doctor for him 3 weeks after we arrived.
June- Brian turned a quarter of a century (25 for those who don't want to figure it out) & celebrated his first Father's Day. Cameron became ticklish and started laughing. Cameron's cousin Brad was born on the 11th (I think).
July- Sophia had a galbladder attack that landed her in the ER on the 4th of July. It was not the first one she has ever had, luckily it was the last she will ever have.
August- We moved into our new apartment. Sophia had her galbladder removed 3 days later. She & Cameron flew to Illinois one week later where she was the Matron of Honor at her best friend's (Bobbi) wedding. She stayed with the Pitman's and enjoyed her week long visit. Tiffany Clarke took amazing almost 6 month photos of Cameron. Cameron broke 20 lbs. & could sit without help.We finally found out that Cameron's crazy bad reflux was actually GER and Cameron started taking medicine and was happier than he had been in a long time.
September- Cameron was introduced to solids. He was trilled as he had been trying to grab our plates for the past 2 months and cried whenever we ate. Cameron out grew his infant car seat and graduated to a convertible car seat.
October- We took a trip to Utah for a Bookwise Convention. Cameron met Sophia's Mom for the first time. We got to visit a lot of family and friends. Cameron started crawling on Halloween. Our apartment got major water damage and we discovered there had been previous damage ( there was mold and mildew). While we weren't happy about it did explain Cameron's terrible allergies & congestion.
November- Sophia got started the training and went to a seminar in Dallas to teach the Bradley Method of natural husband-coached childbirth. We were back in Dallas the next week for Thanksgiving at Shawnie & Kyle's. Cameron enjoyed playing with his cousins
December- Brian got accepted to his #1 choice TWU for there PHD in Physical therapy program. We bought a house and moved in the Saturday before Christmas (I don't reccomend moving right before Christmas by-the-way). We spent Cameron's first Christmas in our new house in the morning and at Brian's parents the rest of the day. Cameron liked his new toy cars the best. We spent New Years with Brian's Dad watching movies at our house. Cameron's cousin Erica was born on the 27th.

I hope that this next year will be as happy, but hopefully not quite as eventful, we need a break.


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I am going to have to do this!! It is always amazing to see just how much happens in one year. I hope for your sake that things are a little quieter this year.