Sunday, January 27, 2008


Cameron, my usually ravenous little boy had not been eating much Thursday and Friday, except for nursing. I was slighty worried, but not much as I figured it was just a continuation of his picky eater phase he went through a few weeks ago. Well, Friday night he went to bed after the party and woke up an hour later wit a temp of 101.2 F, then I was worried. We alternated tylenol & motrin and it basically just kept the temp from getting higher but his temp stayed in the 100's until his first nap the next day. After he woke up from his nap it was as if he hadn't been sick at all, except for the lack of appetite for solid foods. So, we ran some errands and had a good day then come evening Cameron started getting warm again. He took a nap and woke up feeling normal again so we got dressed & went to a Quinceneira (sorry if it is spelled wrong). It was the worst Quince I have ever been to. The Presentation (usually just a dance with the Men of her family and her escorts) took over two hours of dances and present opening and more dances and a video presentation, and, and, and... We ended up leaving before we even got to do any dancing, which was the whole reason we went (We didn't know the girl, but had been invited by Nelson & Susannah since Nelson was a Padrino). Cameron had fallen asleep, despite his usual alertness whenever people are around & despite the loud music and stomping and by the time we got home his temp was up to 101.5 F. I know we probably shouldn't have gone, but Brian & I haven't been dancing in a long time. Anyway, lesson learned. After two very long nights of a feverish Cameron, I stayed home with him from church today. Cameron's fever has hovered just above or just below 100 and he has been basically attached to mama since Friday evening. Hopefully, his fever will go away and everyone can get some sleep tonight.


susannah said...

I'm sorry about the fever, and am desperately sorry about that quincenera (I don't know how to spell it either.) It got worse after you guys left. They not only played a video with pictures of the girl, they also played a video of her family in Mexico talking to her. It took a while and was horrible. They then did a toast and cut the cake and finally at 10:30 they started the dancing. So we sat through the whole terrible program for 20 minutes of dancing and then had to go. The music was also mainly Mexican, which Nelson does not prefer. Salsa and Marengue anyone?