Friday, March 12, 2010

Learning curve

I had an idea pop into my head the other day for a gift for an upcoming baby shower, but wanted to try it out before making something to give away. So, I scrounged up an old onesie, some scrap fabric (for the flowers), buttons, ribbon, tulle & "silk" flowers. I was guessing my whole way through & learned a thing or two about working with knits. Here is the finished product. Needless to say, I have some kinks to workout before I feel comfortable giving it away to someone.

I made this yesterday & definitely learned a lot. While from a distance it is cute, if you look closely you can tell that I haven't worked with knit fabric & embellishing it much.

I really like the concept & the flowers are way cute. The machine didn't feed the fabric well though & to get this to fit I had to put Lilliana's feet through the top and take her diaper off. Apparently the fabric got bunched in a few spots and so the ribbon was a little on the tight side. I also misjudged the hight that the skirt needed to be added.

I cut the crotch part off & put some white bloomers on her. The shirt kept sliding up over her cute pudgy belly. I learned several good lessons about working with knits. Hopefully I remember them next time. As for this cute little number, I am not sure if she will get to wear it again.


susannah said...

the tutu onesie is SOOO cute! Great job/idea!