Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Sorry for the lack of blogging about us more lately. We have been spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the sun shine & 70 + degree weather that we have had for the last week. Brian finished midterms last week & has Spring Break this week. Basically, that means that he is at work all day instead of at school all day. We were able to get a lot of desperately needed yard work done this weekend. And cooked up a tasty roast dinner for Sunday and had friends over. I sure do love Spring time.
Oh, we also got our tickets for Utah. I am SO, SO excited to get to spend the Summer with family and friends. I get to attend the Pinegar family reunion for the first time since we were married almost 4 years ago. I sure do love my family reunions. I already have a running packing list in my head. I think that I can pack a good deal of Lilliana's clothes now since she is in borderline sizes; I will just keep her in the smaller size until we leave and pack up the next size up. I have so many people and places that I want to see & visit, I just hope that I will have time for it all.
Well, I hope everyone else is starting to see the signs of Spring too. We have a fun week of Rodeo, parks, walks, garage sale-ing & the Zoo planned. If flickr, picasa & I can all decide to get along I will have photos for you guys to enjoy.