Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Fireman Party

We through Cameron his Fireman Party today. The party was so fun, despite the very small turnout. *Note: I was so sad for Cameron, while he enjoyed the 2 friends that came +1 that showed up for the fire station tour, he kept asking where all of his friends and buddies were. He even had me delay the cake twice saying he wanted to wait until more friends came* All the effort was well worth it Cameron & Lilliana have both spent all day playing inside the firetruck & if for no other reason than that I am pleased with the turn out. As a recap, I made a 3D firetruck cake, a large card board firetruck to play in & for favors each child got a fireman hat & badge and a hose to put out fires (cut up piece of an old damaged garden hose with ends taped shut). Since pictures can say a lot more than I can, I will show you some of the details & add commentary as needed.

Side Shot- Our friend's came over, one of whom is a firefighter, and were impressed with the accuracy of the fireman's emblem on the side. The Truck is the size of half of a sectional couch (3'x6' maybe?) and we stayed up until about 2 making it.

Front view- The truck is about 3-3 1/2 feet tall

Action shot

I made a platform for the cake out of cardboard wrapped in paper so that it would look like the truck was actually driving on the wheels. I used 1/2 of a 9x13" pan & two loaf pans for the cake (I double the recipe and then made 1/2 chocolate) & made my favorite frosting recipe, which I divided it up as needed and used gel coloring to get the vibrant colors

I looked at several pictures online and then pretty much winged it from there. Everyone was impressed with the cake, including myself. I don't have much experience with children's cake, but Cameron's last two cakes have given me the confidence to create many more fun, 3D cakes in the years to come. Hooray for an "I can do that" attitude.


emily said...

I'm so sorry we ended up sick! It looks like so much fun--love the truck and the cake! Hopefully the truck's still intact when we come over next time. Happy Birthday Cameron!

Shawnie said...

I am very impressed with your 3-D fire truck cake. I once made Josh a 3-D semi truck cake, but it turned out lop-sided and very sad looking. It's not as easy as I thought. So, very well done!

susannah said...

The party was seriously so cute and Rebekah had a very fun time. I can say without hesitation that people missed out by not being there. On a different, but related note: I am SO glad that Levi's head was in the way of my wide open, screaming "FIRE" mouth in that picture you posted!