Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our crazy week and our new garden

This week was crazy on Monday around 10:30-11 am our water stopped working in the neighborhood & we didn't get it back (just us though) until Wednesday around 5. It was a very frustrating situation. First the water went out for the neighborhood so I called and filed a report and then when we finally had to pay to have it fixed we found out that the people from the city who had inspected it had turned the faucet for the water that leads to our house off and then told us we had a private line problem. Now I know it wasn't either of us because we didn't even know where the water line faucet was. Anyway, we were blessed to have Brian's parents, who live close by, offer us a place to stay until we got the problem resolved, but it required a lot of extra driving. On the bright side though, the guy who came to fix the water saw our Utah plates on the car that we keep meaning to change and because he grew up in Kearns, Utah he started chatting and ended up fixing our sprinklers too, which was definitely not in his job description, with out charging me.
This was a huge blessing because since the weather become warmer (almost in the 90's most days) I have had a hard time manually water everything so our plants were starting to look a little shabby. We were afraid we were going to loose all of the veggies and herbs that we planted last week for FHE. The watering by sprinklers has really done the trick, the roses are blooming again & basically all of our plants, vegetables included, have just perked up a lot.
While I am on the subject, we finally got our vegetable garden in! I am so excited. This year we are sticking to just a small amount of things to see what we will and won't use and give us an idea of how manageable things are. We have 3 kinds of tomatoes: Juliet - they are like Romas but a little bigger, Champion - a good slicing tomato & Sweet 100s - a type of cherry tomatoes. We also have several types of peppers: yellow, green/red, Serranos, and Macho Nacho jalapenos. The last two will be great for spicing up our food a little more, which brings me to the herbs. We planted our own private Little Italy with thyme, oregano, basil & Rosemary. We also have a bay tree and chamomile & mint.
Cameron has been beating himself up. as most toddler boys do this week. Wednesday he tipped a chair over while standing on it and landed on tile. Luckily, it was a child size overstuffed chair which helped brake the fall, he also put his arms out. Resulting in only a small bruise over his eyebrow, it was scary than it turned out being. The next morning he came running around the corner of the bathroom trying to find me (how dare I take a break when nature calls) and tripped on a toy he had left on the floor. He landed teeth first on the tile floor and gave himself a big fat lip and the gums, the scab is off already and it didn't effect his teeth at all, which I was worried about. Friday was a double whammy, he fell backward in the kitchen while trying to climb up the back of his highchair and forward in the entry and hit his forehead on the door when his dad came home. I feel really bad every time he hurts himself I feel really bad, but he bounces back really quick. I never cease to be amazed at how resilient children are. I worry about concussion or loose teeth and after a hug he is ready to be up and playing again.


Tiffany said...

I was in tears the first few times Peter really hurt himself, but now we've made the rule that if he stops crying within 3 minutes we know everything's okay.

Tara said...

I can't for the day we have a vegetable garden! You're right about kids beating themselves up all the time. We have blood nearly every day.