Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great deals, Cloth diapers, Mud Puddles, Peter Pan & More firsts

Brian has been going to a "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" real estate investing seminar this weekend. He has really been enjoying learning all sorts of good information. The Seminar starts at 9 am & I figured that since I was going to be taking Brian in by 8:30 that I should take advantage of the great garage sales that always accompany Spring. Although, here in Houston there isn't really ever a huge lull in garage sales because the weather never really gets that cold. Anyway, I got an email last night about a La Leche League Maternity & Children's things garage sale with all the proceeds going to benefit the local LLL chapter. I went a got quite a few really cute things. All of the 12 month and up clothes were 2 dollars a piece and they actually had a really good selection of boys clothes. I got a pair of See Kai Run's for a dollar after I just spent $20 on a pair from eBay earlier this week. These shoes usually retail for around $45 new & $25-30 used. Anyway, after we went there we headed up to a children's consignment store that I have been meaning to go and explore for months called The Young & the Restless, it sells consigned and new clothes, shoes, toys, baby carriers, and just about anything else baby/maternity that you might need including cloth diapers.
This store is the only brick and mortar store in the whole city that sells cloth diapers. I have been toying with trying prefold diapers with a cover because they are so much cheaper and everyone has said that they are easier to use with little babies (no I am not making any announcements here). I figured that I wanted to try and get the hang of these or figure out what else works and start accumulating a stash now while I am not expecting so that by the time a new baby does decide to arrive I am set to go. Since I didn't start cloth diapering Cameron until he was just over 6 months and we have used pocket diapers the whole time, I was really clueless about any other cloth diapering method besides what I read. I wanted to see the mechanics of each option in person and these people were SO helpful. The owner talked to me and personally helped me figure the diapers out for about 15 minutes or more. The store was also super kid friendly, it even had a large child proofed room full of toys of all sorts with a HUGE train table in the middle. Cameron actually enjoyed shopping with me, being as he could just play the whole time and I could see him basically anywhere in the store. The store was owned and operated almost solely by mom's & I just really liked it, if you couldn't tell.
After coming home and eating and then taking a nap, Cameron & I headed out to a Grill-Out party to say good-bye to a few of the families in the Ward that are moving. Cameron was clingy at first, but in no time at all he was having fun & mooching off any one's plate who would let him. Cameron also had fun playing in one of those Little Tyke's car things where you get in and move the car with your feet. Next thing I know I look over and see that Cameron has found a rather large mud puddle and was very happily splashing around and sitting in it with his sippy cup sitting in the middle of the water and Cameron reaching to take a drink, all this in his new clothes. Cameron was covered in mud and from his excursion into the mud lead several other children's mud explorations, sorry. We left the party after cleaning Cameron up to go pick up Brian from his seminar.
After picking Brian up we decided to go watch the free performance of Peter Pan at Miller Outdoor Theatre. The place was packed so we headed to the top of the hill & found a decent spot. We had just settled in when three of the people sitting next to us lit up their cigarettes despite the "No Smoking in Public Places" law & several loud speaker announcements saying so. We picked up and moved to another spot which actually ended up being better than the first & then the show began. The speakers then decided they didn't want to be loud enough & Brian was having to struggle to hear what they were saying, not me though, I have super-sonic Mom hearing. So, not even two minutes into the show and we had already had to move and now Brian couldn't hear. Then, about half way into the first act, when Peter is describing Neverland to Wendy, a small group of people decided that the spot directly behind us would be a fantastic place to go to smoke. Well, considering that Brian couldn't hear and that Cameron was starting to get cranky and then the spot behind us became the smoking spot, we decided to cut our losses and go home. We were really sad, because it looked like it would have been a really good stage show and the set was really neat. They will be showing it again next weekend though, maybe we will get there early and get a decent spot toward the front where the no smoking law is actually enforced better and where we can both hear the performance.
Other things of note: Cameron got his first skinned knee on Friday, one of many more to come I am sure. Cameron started signing milk today, not until he was already nursing, but it is something. I am way excited to have him start signing, as signing leads to speaking.


Emily said...

i did pre-fold diapers with simon, so i'd love to talk cloth with you! i may get into them again, now that i have a washer and dryer at home again.

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

I would be more than haoy to talk cloth with you, or anyone who has any questions really.