Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cameron's Yucky Day

Cameron had another yucky day today. Right before we were going to leave my in-laws this evening, after spending the day watching conference, Cameron threw-up 4 times all over me. Luckily, for the carpet at least, I literally cought it either in my hand or all over my shirt. After we stripped Cameron down and cleaned him up and taking off my gross shirt, luckily Brian had an extra shirt in the van, I went to nurse Cameron (he had settled down by then). Well, Cameron stomach had not settled as we all thought. Within 1 minute, while he was nursing, he started throwing up again all over his hair, face & my shoulder and new aqcuired clean shirt. Poor Cameron he was so miserable. We thought that he was better, he had been fine all day. His temperature started going up again too. I am so glad to have the Husband & Father-in-law that I do. Cameron was blessed to receive a Priesthood blessing and within 5 minutes of the blessing Cameron was feeling better again. We gave him a bath and then headed home with Cameron in only a diaper and me in a dirty shirt.
I will blog about Conference tomorrow. I will say right now though that I feel blessed to have been able to watch every session today and hear all the talks. Maybe it is because I actually got to watch and pay attention to them today, but today's talks were some of my favorite. I know that I heard the counsel of God by listening to the words of the Prophet & Apostles & the other General Authorities. I know that they were called of God & I know that they love me.


Tiffany said...

Little kids throwing up is terrible! I am so sorry that you had to go through it! I hope Cameron feels better!