Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cameron & Conference

Cameron has been cutting molars this weekend on the top and has had a fever, as high 102.6, most of the weekend. As a result I didn't get a lot out of the talks in conference today. Cameron was super cute though during the sustaining of the First Presidency & General Authories. He was so excited to sustain that any time anybody got up to speak the whole time he would raise his hand up high and giggle with glee. He also would wave anytime he could see the conductor of the choir, something he does at church too, he thinks that they are waving to him. In between the afternoon conference session and the Priesthood session, Brian and I went to a really great garden nursery and bought the ragoon creeper, 6 different herbs, 3 kinds of tomatoe plants & 3 kinds of pepper plants. We still would like to get some onions and a few other vegetables, but this will be a great start. Anyway, some other things of note: Cameron can say cat, although for him it is "DAT!" screamed high pitch while pointing at a window (we have strays that come in our yard); also, when asked where his nose is he points to my nose, I know it isn't his nose, but I think that it is cute and he technically knows what a nose is.


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

It is so cute when they start talking and comprehending things! What a sweet boy- so sad that he was so sick though, poor kid!