Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun week

Cameron, Brian and I have had a fun week. On Monday we went over to a friend's house and taught their family how have family home evening. Cameron really enjoyed playing with their 18 mon old little boy. Cameron & I hosted this weeks AP play group. Cameron enjoyed the company and playing in buckets of water on our patio (The weather average high 70's low 80's for us). Wednesday, Brian went to a business conference to here Robert G Allen & Richard G Scott (founders of Bookwise) speak about investing while Cameron and I went to the park to have fun with our ward play group. Cameron has decided that his favorite thing to do at the park, besides try to eat sand and rock while mom isn't looking, is to climb up the slide & he does a good job of it too. Cameron can climb up the slide without any help, even if it does make me nervous. Saturday we went to the West U library to try to check out the Baby Signing Time videos for Cameron, it was the only library in the whole of the greater Houston area that said they had on of the two checked in, only to find out that in between the time we left the house and the time we got to the library they had been checked out. All was not lost though, we got to West U and discovered they were having their annual little league carnival. We strolled the carnival and Cameron enjoyed seeing all the colors and all the children. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and enjoying each other's company & folding clothes while watching episodes of the Dick Van Dycke show on DVD (the West U library has a prolific amount of DVDs to choose from). We also decided to try out a new sleeping arrangement that had the previously refused to be slept in crib pulled up and secured to the bed and the mattress raised to our mattress height, kind of like the arm's reach co-sleeper. We have been co-sleeping, which I love, but lately Cameron has been kicking Brian and Brian didn't like that much. Anyway, It took twice as long to get Cameron to nurse and fall asleep the first time and 3-4 times as long to get him to nurse and fall asleep every subsequent time. Add that to the fact that we have some birds that have decided to move into our chimney and arbor and chirp all night and I didn't get any sleep until right before the alarm went of to get up and go to church. Brian couldn't rouse me so I ended up staying home while my wonderful husband took Cameron and went to church. I didn't wake up until they came home around 12:15 p.m. I feel like a complete slacker-face. The rest of the day was nice Cameron took a nap then we all played and laughed for a while when he woke up. We went for a walk and then came home and made a home-made pizza with one of the best, easiest and quickest dough recipes that I have ever had. Some other things to note about this week: besides slides, Cameron can now climb onto anything shorter than his shoulders; Cameron can also now correctly identify the location of his belly button when questioned about it; and lastly, if it is possible, I do believe that Cameron has become even cuter than he was before.


April said...

Ugh, I totally remember those days of trying to get Addie to sleep in her own bed. Did last night go any better for you? I think I had a week of being very tired before things started to get better.

Thanks for posting the pizza dough recipe!! Valentino's actually started up in Lincoln, Nebraska (where we are from) and was one of our favorite places to eat. I can't wait to try out the recipe!!

Rachel Coleman said...

There are a number of Signing Time clips that you can watch on youtube or you can order the DVD's (or ask the grandparents to WINK WINK) on

It never hurts to ask the library to order more! Sorry they were checked out but I am glad people like them so much!

Heather said...

Sounds like a good weekend all around. Good luck with the sleeping arrangements.