Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun at the rodeo and that's no bull

Well, yesterday we went to the rodeo as a family. We had the privilege of bringing my sister Amy with us. We had parked and walked to the stadium, to avoid the pirates at the parking lots, besides, I hadn't run quite enough playing basketball that morning. Seriously complete with hooks, wooden legs, and talking parrots on their shoulders. We drove past carefully and parked a few blocks away, which meant that Amy was tired before we even got there. She was thrilled to have been able to get the additional exercise though. We then proceeded to see the sites and wander the grounds and what not. I believe that Amy felt that we took the long way to everything there. She informed us that she thought here legs were going to fall off shortly after we arrived. Cameron on the other hand thought things were pretty cool because he was just chilling in his stroller up to that point. We decided to take him over to the petting zoo, so we could get come fun pictures of them. He liked them from outside of their pens but not so much up close. We did get him to pet one of the baby goats that was laying down, but the other ones intimidated him because they were so much larger than him. In the petting zoo, a buffalo was there and looked like it was in advanced stages of labor. Sophia sympathized with the poor buffalo being stuck around all the screaming kids and trying to give birth. We also enjoyed seeing the various booths/stores with their various interesting goods. Cameron's favorite part was one of the rodeo events when everybody started clapping, he became very excited and also started clapping his hands and vocalizing his excitement. Sophia's favorite part was probably when she and Cameron took pictures wearing cowboy hats, that or the funnel cake that we all shared. After the funnel cake, in Amy's words we walked forever back to the van. When we got to the van, she said that her feet were going to fall off. I am happy to report that they are still properly attached and we didn't have to end the day with a trip to the ER to fix her up.


I am not sure what Brian wrote, I was told not to read it before I posted & surprising I agreed and haven't. Sorry for the crazy lack of posting. We have had a crazy few weeks filled with waiting in LONG lines to transfer the car registration and title & my drivers licence (they don't have a DMV here and we had to go to three different place to get everything done) & lots of waiting at doctors offices. Cameron had a sinus infection and was not a happy camper. Cameron then started feeling better after a round of anit-biotics and two day later started cutting his canines on top. Needless to say, Cameron's sleep schedule has been way off kilter making getting online very tough. Cameron also had his one year check-up and he did not like that at all, they had to draw blood to get an iron count (it was a little low last visit) and I had a hard time staying in the room hearing him be so miserable and I not be able to do anything. I was also frustrated by the doctor automatically suggesting that we start weaning just because he is one now. I am strongly of the mind that nursing is far more than just physical nurishment and it should be up to the child when they are done, not some arbitrary age. Anyway, sorry for my soap box. I also have been doing some babysitting & loving it. Cameron loves it too most of the time. He really like having the company. The closer we get to nap time though the less happy he is to share his Mom. We have found and are loving an attachment parenting play group. Can I just say it is so nice to be around other people that have similar parenting philosophy and don't treat me like I am crazy for parenting the way that I do. in the last week we had the pleasure (mostly, house guest are always a little of stressful) of hosting Brian's sister Amy while his parents spent Wed.-Sun. in Utah. Friday we went to the park and Cameron had fun at the toddler section, they have separate section for 18 mon -3 year, 2-5, and 5+. Saturday we went to the Rodeo here in Houston, it is pretty much the biggest one in the World (seriously). We did a lot of walking. We took Cameron to the petting zoo & he was more excited to see the animals from behind the fence than from inside. He did pet one goat, but was pretty much done otherwise. His favorite part ended up being the spot that we stopped to find a seat to nurse him because he was tired, it was some livestock show where mule teams were pulling lots of weight (almost 5 thousand pounds!), Cameron was mildly interested until people started clapping then he got so excited he was clapping and laughing and screeching and waving and pointing, he could hardly contain himself. What might have been REALLY boring became the best part of the whole thing. We had Jared & Caitlin (pronounced Cot-lin) over and played Ticket to Ride & I got in last. We also discovered this weekend that Cameron really likes grapefruit. We had a farely quiet Sunday once church was over and have been enjoying having the house to ourselves again. Any way, sorry for the monstrously long post


Tara said...

You'll have to tell me more about this attachment parenting playgroup. Is it just for moms and babies?