Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cameron's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Cameron's first birthday a day early today by having a bath themed birthday party. We had several people from church, Brian's best friend and his wife, our neighbors, Brian's parent's & Amy, his sister, come. Cameron was unusually tired this morning and I thought the party might be a bust, but as soon as he had some cake in his system he was good to go for a few more hours. This was Cameron's first time having refined sugar, so we just gave him a very small piece of cake with a tiny bit of frosting. At first he just played with the frosting, but Brian fed him a small piece of the cake and then he went at it like ther was no tomorrow. I fed him a carrot afterwards as a healthy follow up to the cake. It made me feel better about him having so much sugar. We had a small kiddie pool in the back with about an inch of water where some of the older kids played and then when Cameron was done eating I took him back there to splash in the water and clean up a little. Cameron had a blast splashing around and didn't get phased by the older kids splashing him in the face several times with water. Cameron opened presents last. He received some really cute stuff: A onesie t-shirt with dogs on it that has snaps at the neck (Yay, it will fit over his head), some shorts & some stuffed animal dogs; a basketball, he has been throwing & bouncing it as much as possible; a touch and feel bible story book; some toy cars; a fisher-price ark with animals that make noise (bought by Grandma & Grandpa, we made the mistake of telling them that Cameron liked toys that make noise because we don't buy him any); a large bag of mega bloks (giant legos basically); a t-shirt that says "I get my good looks from my Dad" & one that says "Ladies Man"; & some Bath toys. I am sure I am forgetting something & we have decided that Cameron doesn't need anymore toys until Christmas. Cameron had a really great time at his party and thank you everyone who came. He crashed afterward and took a almost 3 hour long nap.


Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!! I hope you enjoyed your day and that you are feeling better.