Saturday, February 16, 2008

Waving & Diaper Ditching

Ok, sorry for no posts this last week, our computer & then the internet was having issues. Cameron started waving on Thursday and had been doing so more & more. It is really cute, he waves his arms big and it is always accompanied by a big smile. The other Cameron has figured out is how to remove his diaper :( I now have to keep him in a onesie or pants at all times which is sad because Cameron really likes being in just a diaper. I usually will let him stay in just a diaper until he attempts the removal, but sometimes that is less than a minute after putting the diaper on. I have a feeling that once he figures out how to remove his clothes that I am going to have a nudist on my hands.
Brian played in an all day basketball tournament and his team went pretty far in. However, with only 2-3 breaks, no new legs & several back to back games after 6 games they were out. Brian came home a little worse for the wear with a pretty badly jammed finger. The good news was though that he didn't have any asthma. He had a Chiro visit and had been adjusted on Friday and the week before & since then he hasn't had any asthma. Before the Chiro any sports activity and lately any exurtion really would leave him with an asthmatic cough all day. We found out that the vertebrae where the nerves to the lungs branch out from was out of alignment pretty bad. So just a few adjustments and no asthma, no drugs that just fix symptoms, just a quick adjustment and the problem was gone. Yay!


Brightonwoman said...

My squirt does that too--the diaper ditching. So long as it's cold I can keep him in a onesie (he reaches inside pants!) But I just ordered a few snapping diapers--those should be harder for him to get off!