Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Giggling babies & the Book of Mormon in Portuguese

Cameron was super cute today. He spent a good part of his waking hours smiling and laughing. Can I just say, one of the most beautiful, happy sounds in the world is a baby's laugh. Anyway, we got a security system installed today, an unfortunate necessity when living in a big city. We are trying to get used to it as we are not used to doing much security-wise besides locking doors. Another significant thing that happened today was that I started reading/listening to the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the Hinckley challenge that I started. I have it on CD and I am listening to it and reading along. It is really neat to do this. I feel like I get different things out of my reading when I read it in Portuguese, but my Portuguese isn't very great when it comes to church vocabulary. So, I listen to the CD and read along and I get more out of my reading that way; plus, it helps me with my Portuguese vocabulary. Reading along also helps me from getting side tracked- a common occurrence in my scripture reading since becoming a mother. I have really enjoyed the time spent reading and listening. I haven't been doing as well with my scripture studying lately. I have allowed myself to be distracted by life. I am glad to have found out about the challenge (thanks Tiffany) as it has jump started my scripture study & spiritual well being efforts. It is amazing the amount of truth and guidance that can be found in the scriptures, even when you are not looking for it. It is also amazing how aware of the void that is left when not regularly studying you become when you start studying again and that void is filled to over flowing. I don't know if the last few sentences make sense, but that is how I feel and feelings are sometimes hard to articulate.


Ryan said...

Gosto muito que você esteja seguindo com o português! Faz quatro anos que estudo essa língua maravilhosa e quase cada dia desde então, faço minha leitura do Livro de Mormon em português. Acho que serve muito bem tanto para a aprendizagem da língua quanto para sentir o Espírito e receber revelação.