Friday, February 1, 2008

Bath Time Dillema

So, Cameron LOVES bath time, as you saw in the pictures form the previous post. The dillema comes in the fact that Cameron has recently discovered the what makes him a boy & during bath time is completely fascinated by it. I can't figure out how to let him play in the bath & get him to stop playing with himself at the same time and it is driving me & Brian nuts. If, we take him out of the bath then he is sad that his bath time has been cut short (i.e. he throws a fit). We have tried just making sure that he has something in each hand but, inevitably he drops it and loses interest. Anyway, if any of you mothers or fathers of boys have suggestions for me I would really love them. Right now it is only bath time, but I have babysat for boys and been around plenty of little boys to know that soon enough it will happen beyond that. Frankly, I am surprised it took him this long & I figure if I can get some ways to deal now, it will help later.


Ryan said...

Não sei como tirar o ecanto dele pelo membro masculino, mas tenho uma idéia sobre tirar o menino da banheira sem ele chorar. Primeiro têm que tirar o tampão e deixar que saia toda a água. Depois, será fácil tirarem o nenê pelo frio que vai sentir.

Tiffany said...

Sorry - I really don't have much advice for you. Peter really hasn't hit a stage like that yet so we haven't had to face it.

dkelson said...

Unless it is really excessive, I wouldn't worry about it. He'll forget about it once it's no longer new.