Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Steps!

Cameron has taken his first steps! He has now taken 6 steps in total, unless I have missed some. The first two results in a crash with the coffee table where the coffee table won :'( Friday night, the next two were in the foyer of the Lexington Chapel during the World Wide Leadership training & the next two were hear at home on his way from one of the couches to Daddy on the other couch. I am so excited for this new development to start, although scared of all the trouble he will be able to get into once it does. Considering that the steps have been few and surprises I have yet to get a video of them, but as soon as I do it will be up. Today was a good day. We went to our Chiro (Dr Long of West U Wellness) which we LOVE. Brian had his first ever Chiro visit and he is already noticing a difference. I love how good she is with Cameron she is so mellow about him getting into everything. We also spent the gorgeous day playing in our yard and gardening. Cameron even ventured out onto the grass. An upper & downer, we went and picked up our van from the mechanic's (we got a recommendation and we are REALLY impressed with them). It was good to have our van in good working condition, but the bill came out just shy of half of what we paid for the van in the first place. We were treated to dinner at Kim Son, a Vietnamese restaurant, by Brian's parents and they joined us in going to the training broadcast. Dinner was great, Cameron enjoyed being fed rice with chopsticks. Cameron also really enjoyed having Grandpa play with him. I love seeing the stark contrast of their interactions from the previous Cameron bawling and snuggling into Mommy's shoulder to the now peels of laughter as Grandpa plays with him. Grandpas sure are great. The broadcast tonight was also really good. The main topic was family. A lot of poignant things were said tonight that I really appreciated. They spoke of the difference between house keeping and home making; the importance of knowing our family roles, but still having equality; love as the foundation for our family relationships & the importance or other people, extended family and friends, in the rearing of our families and as a support. I highly suggest reading about what was said and shared in the broadcast tonight.


Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

Wow! I didn't know you had a blog. Cameron is going to be running across the gym floor during church before you know it!

Ryan said...

Yeah, that was a really good broadcast. I loved the way it was done. I love the messages it gave, but I also loved seeing Elder Oaks' personality!

dkelson said...

Great job Cameron!

When Bailey took her first steps (at about 10 months) she crashed. She wouldn't try again for 2 more months.

Tiffany said...

Hooray for new milestones! I agree that the broadcast was really great. I came home completely inspired, uplifted, and edified.