Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Survived Cameron's First Hair Cut, oh and he did too.

I will be the first to admit that I can be a bit dramatic about silly things. I can even admit to myself that it is silly for me to care as much as I do, but I still do care. Today I took Cameron to receive his first hair cut, unless you count the 2 times I have trimmed his bangs before. I must have talked myself out of and back into going at least a dozen times since I made the appointment Monday afternoon. And again, while I know that it is just hair (at least I know it in my head) I have struggled with the idea of getting his hair cut since the first time Brian started asking me when I was going to get it done around his first birthday.
I don't know what it is about Cameron's curly tresses that evoke so much emotion in me, and I am slightly ashamed, but not totally, to admit that this appointment had me in tears several times in the days leading up to it and in the car ride there. I guess to me, and most people who have seen Cameron or pictures of him, Cameron's curls are part of what makes him him. In fact, I almost backed out yesterday after lunch with Brian at school when we had at least a dozen people comment on how cute his curls were. It is not like I planned on chopping them off, and I didn't if you looked ahead at the pictures, just trimming them. I suppose to me a first hair cut is one of the many first steps Cameron takes to becoming a big boy and not just my baby boy anymore, and I was in charge of when this particular step took place. I wasn't sure if I was, or am for that matter, ready for Cameron to be on his way to being a big boy yet. I made sure to take lots of pictures, way too many actually, in the days leading up to the appointment and right before we left to help ease my troubled heart.
Here are a few of the before shots, front & back
Well, I made it to the place, talking myself through the whole drive. Telling myself things like "It is just hair"; "Cameron's hair cut does not change who he is"; "His hair really is curly a trim won't change that (I was mortified of the possibility that a trim might make his curls go away)"; and various other things of that nature. All the while, Cameron was oblivious to his mother's inner turmoil over such trivial matters as what his hair looks like and was thoroughly enjoying the cracker he was eating on the way. When we got there the staff was extremely friendly, both to Cameron and his barely able to compose herself mother. We went to a salon that only cuts children's hair & they had two cool truck seats for Cameron to choose from, it took him three times of changing his mind before he settled on the yellow one he eventually sat in. I apologize in advance to anyone who like the show that I I am about to mention. They had a TV with a Dora video on and the staff was amazed that Cameron had never seen Dora before (we don't watch TV). They expressed a sentiment that I too feel, that Dora is one of the most inane children's shows out there & that it addresses children as if they are imbeciles repeating everything several times as if once or even twice weren't enough. I felt bad for them that they have to have it on all the time, but that is what most kids watch these days so that is what they are stuck watching. Cameron was sucked into the TV, as he usually is since he doesn't get to watch it at home, but was quickly distracted and involved in the conversation or the various toys to play with. Cameron did amazingly well. He sat still and enjoyed himself, except for the blow dryer which we decided to forego when he got very scared and started to cry- Mommy doesn't own one so he has never heard one before. They were very good about listening to what I wanted done and talking to me through out the whole thing too. The hair dresser, her name was Judy, said that I didn't have to worry about Cameron loosing his curls anytime soon because the curl goes all the way up to the roots; that knowledge did wonders to ease my troubled mind. When it was all over they had a special baggy and certificate for me to take home with some of the curls they cut from his first hair cut. All in all, it was a pretty good experience and I actually like his hair cut. Cameron still has curly hair, which I love; but I don't have to pull it out of his shirts or squirt it down with water to keep the frizz at bay, which I didn't like; and the curls are not tickling Cameron in the ears, which he hated. I took lots of pictures while we were there and of the after so here are a few.
During the cut
Cameron showing off his new haircut
See he still has plenty of curls


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

You are so cute! I would be the same way- but luck for me, I havae girls and I want their hair to just keep growing! He does look much older now, and so handsome!

April said...

His hair is adorable! I'm glad you guys survived. I agree that the first haircut is traumatic.

Kaylene said...

I'm glad it all worked out. :)

Shawnie said...

I think Cameron's curls are cute, and the hair cut looks great.