Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hmmm... Where to start?

This week has been a little crazy, to say the least, & chaotic and scary, to say the most. We started the week by having baby Lexi join us. I watch her Monday through Friday from 6:15-3:30 ish. Cameron is getting better and more used to the idea of having her around, but I still need to watch him carefully around her lest she get a finger in the eye. Cameron's hardest time that he has is when I am feeding her her bottle because I try to give her just as much attention as she would get if she were being breast fed, meaning Cameron is getting less attention than he likes. He likes to hit the bottle or her & try to push or pull her out of my lap or arms. Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to successfully go to playgroups and get both children in and out of the vehicle, I was very proud of myself. Thursday we babysat for a little boy who had lots of energy and Cameron had a hard time. The little boy was 2 1/2 or 3 and had a hard time sharing & since Cameron is nearly his size it made it worse because he thought that he was a peer instead of a baby. Anyway, a friend came and picked him up because he and Cameron were having a VERY hard time getting along and I was having a hard time managing the two and baby Lexi. Friday was another day of babysitting. Brian was home so that was nice to have the extra pair of arms. We babysat for the daughter of a friend of a friend who's nanny called late Thursday night to inform that she wouldn't be able to make it Friday. My friend gave her my number and we agreed. Her daughter (16 months) had never been watched by anyone except her nanny or her grandmother so when she was woken up early she didn't eat and when she was then dropped of at our house, complete strangers to her, she was less than happy. It took us 3 of the 6 hours we had her to calm her down. Brian held her in our new Ergo , which I LOVE, most of the that time and she slept for about an hour of that time. Once she calmed down she attached herself to Brian like a leach. The one time he got up, to go to the bathroom and change into something besides his pajamas, she bawled the whole time he was gone. Brian spent the next three hours reading every board book in the house 5 times and sneaking her food (she wouldn't eat before) through the story time.

Saturday we were very excited with plans to go to Galveston after Brian played his typical Saturday morning game of basketball at church. I had woken up, I am usually asleep until he comes home at 9:30, so I took him to church so I could shop for his anniversary gift with out him. I figured since our 2nd anniversary is Monday that I should probably get something, I know I am the slacker that waited 'til the last minute, not something I usually do. Well, It turns out it was a good thing that I took him and and that I bought him his gifts that morning. When I pulled into the parking lot around 9:35 to pick Brian up a friend was coming out of the church and said "there you are, did you get the voicemail?" I was very confused because my phone didn't even ring. I told him "no" and asked "why?" and he said " because Brian just broke his ankle and we need to get him to the ER". We called Brian's best friend, who happens to be a paramedic and firefighter, and asked him where the best and quickest place to go would be. We went to put Brian in the back with the seats down. Brian needed something to lean again something for underneath his leg, "happy anniversary dear", they used the gifts that I had just bought. So much for a surprise.

We got to the ER and our friends who had followed us there helped us get him in. The place we went was great. While he was filling out paper work they brought out ice for his ankle and as soon as he was done they got him into triage. Once he was in the room though we got a fairly incompetent nurse who kept forgetting things and fumbling through everything he did, he was super nice, but not very confident in what he was doing. Anyway, it turns out that it was not a brake but a third degree sprain (a brake would have been way nicer). The doctor said that it looked like all of the ligaments in his ankle were ruptured. We get to go an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to follow up. Luckily, Brian's dad's assistant's sister knows who is good and who is not. So, on Friday when we called Mom & Dad to tell them Dad called her and we had an appointment set up within a few hours of having called Dad. Brian's pain medication has had in in and out of lucidity so we have laid pretty low. Brian will be missing work Monday & Tuesday. Mom had us over for lunch and dinner today after we had stake conference.

We sat in the hall for conference so that Brian could have his foot up on the couch. We got to see quite the parade of toddlers and babies, accompanied by there parents for the most part. There was one person there that made me upset. Cameron went up to play with her daughter and she said "don't let him touch her, she has been sick with some disease I don't remember and is it contagious for 14 days after the fevers have broken, but it has only been 7 days." I said "I have never heard of that disease what is it?" she went on to explain that the mouth tongue, cheeks & tonsils get covered in ulcers and that her children (there were three under the age of three) had all had fevers over 105 *F, but then said that it wasn't airborne that it was caught by touch. I know that you can get stir crazy from being home with sick kids, but if your kids are contagious with a disease that will leave my kid hospitalized they should not be anywhere near other small children! Aside from being all of a sudden very aware of this lady's children and their whereabouts conference was very good.
A few of this weeks pictures

Cameron with one of his new wool diaper covers

Cameron feeding himself a dinner of spaghetti on Friday night

Baby Lexi sleeping on the couch (I will get a better picture)


Heather said...

Whoa. That's some week. The disease, I'm guessing, is coxsackievirus. One of our friends kids got it.
Brian-good luck & I hope all goes well for a speedy recovery!
As for everything else, good job keeping up. It sounds like you handled it all great.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I would concur with Heather- I was just gonna say that. Someone in our last ward had a girl who got it, and she was really good about letting all the parents of nursery children know what it was and any warning signs of it. She felt so bad- she had no idea it would be such a big deal. I can't believe someone would KNOWINGLY subject other children to that though! Poor Brian! I am glad you guys have so many connections to good help- that should make things easier on you. Happy Anniversary!!!

Tiffany said...

I hope the babysitting keeps getting better. I had to cut back on it because it was too much for me (although the money was tempting). What a week though! I hope everything goes well with Brian.

Kyle (hector hawk) said...

You know how serious it was by how fast you got through the ER. Good luck on the recovery. Let us know if you need anything--we're just a short 5hr drive away!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are the babysitting queen! Good luck with everything. I hope Brian's leg is okay.