Thursday, May 8, 2008

Moving leaps and bounds then slowing back down

Well, a great deal has happened in this past week. On Sat. morning, I went to the church and played pick-up games of basketball as usual. We played several good games, and then in the last game, I was on a hard break towards the basket. At this point I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I was "floating" through the air until I landed very hard on my ankle. I felt immense pain and something give out in my ankle. I then slid to a stop and everybody came to see what happened. All the other guys were worried that I had landed on my face because I was biting my finger hard to help block out some of the pain (gate theory of pain). I was extremely grateful to be surrounded by worthy priesthood holders who kindly gave me a blessing at my request. Sophia was then called but her phone didn't ring, so I nonchalantly left a message saying that I thought that I had just broken my ankle and would call to let her know which emergency room I was going to. She pulled in to pick me up as Kevin was getting his van ready to transport me to the hospital, but I instead rode in ours. I was carried out to the van and we were off to the ER. Kevin and Ryan offered to come along to help me get inside, for which I was extremely grateful. I can't help but be grateful for theirs and everybody's concern and offers to help out with anything that we needed. Once inside the ER, Sophia, Kevin, and Ryan all assisted in filling out forms and signing in, yet again making things much easier for me. Surprisingly, I was able to get in very quickly. I was given a shot for pain and had X-rays taken. We found out that my ankle wasn't broken, but they thought that I had blown all the ligaments in my ankle instead. They referred me to see an orthopedic surgeon and sent me home with some pain meds. I was somewhat loopy as I left because I kept feeling dizzy, and I remember some girls laughing at me as I was wheelchaired out to the car. Jared and Caitlin met us at our house and Jared helped me get inside without falling on my face. They also watched Cameron, so Sophia could run and pick up my prescription while I was a wonderful host and promptly fell asleep mid conversation. I hope they got a good laugh over that. Then starting on Monday we started playing hot potato with insurance as to who I would go see first, specialist or primary care physician (PCP). We were finally told we could see the PCP the following day and post date the referral, so we went in to the appointment only to be told at the desk that I had to see the PCP first. It was quite the game of monkey in the middle and of course the insurance company won. On Wed., I saw the Ortho surgeon and he basically said that I had a sprain and had bruised the bone, but the swelling was too bad to give too much more information. I was then given a very stylish black boot and told to return in two weeks at which point I'll find out whether or not I will need surgery to reattach or rather replace torn ligaments (hopefully not necessary). For now, I'm back to business as usual, so hopefully this black boot and crutch won't slow me down too much this Saturday during basketball. I guess everybody else gets their wish that I'll slow things down a little;)



Shawnie said...

I'm glad you are at least getting around now, and hopefully more coherent too. I hope it turns out the best possible.