Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting my blessings

Today we had to take Cameron to the doctor. I thought that he had pneumonia again (he had it 2 weeks ago) and I didn't want to wait until Monday to see if it was the case. I am sure glad I followed my gut, it turns out that he was having an asthma attack and had we waited much longer we would have had to go to the hospital. Cameron is doing much better now after 3 breathing treatments in a row and an oral steroid. He will be on the steroid for 5 more days to get his breathing under control; and fingers crossed that it won't have to be added as a daily medication. I am just so glad that the Spirit didn't let me blow off the feeling of needing to go in as a paranoid Mommy feeling. Please keep him in your prayers that he will recover quickly.

P.S. On a happier note I embellished some onesies for a baby shower for twin boys & they turned out really cute. They are drying now, so I will post photos tomorrow.


Marcy said...

Asthma is a scary thing...I've got it too. Good for you for following your instincts! Being on a daily medication to keep it under control is sooooooooooo much better than treating the attacks when they come.

Shawnie said...

If it comes to a daily controller medicine, my understanding is that an inhaled steroid has fewer side effects than the oral steroid. Hopefully it won't be necessary, but it makes a huge difference for Paul. Good luck.