Sunday, December 7, 2008

Your Prayers Please

I normally wouldn't do this, and not many people read this anyway, but there are a few things we are in need of your prayers for. The Monday before Thanksgiving, Cameron & I were in a car accident. Cameron and I are both fine, but the accident resulted in more damage to our van than it is worth to us to be repaired. Our van has been nothing but a money pit for the last year and we have been trying to save for a different vehicle only the have our money pit swallow our savings every time we get close. The problem is that we only have one vehicle and insurance wants us to make a decision by Monday the 8th what we are going to do. They will stop paying for the rental at which point we will have no vehicle (makes it tough to look for a vehicle). Brian's parents have been kind enough to loan us a beat up old truck of theirs they don't hardly ever use, but Cameron's car seat doesn't fit in it. So basically we have to find a vehicle that fits in our budget by tomorrow or shortly there after. We found one Saturday late afternoon that we really liked, but our mechanic was already closed and we didn't want to buy it with out having it checked out first (our van was a lemon despite looking excellent on paper). However, they wouldn't take a deposit to hold it for us. So it might have been sold. Anyway, if we could have some prayers sent our way to help us find a good reliable vehicle that is in our price range ASAP, we would really appreciate it.
The second thing I would like to ask prayers for is Brian's finals (he would kill me if he knew I was asking for this). Due to the accident and trying to take care of everything that it has involved, including the arduous task of finding a new vehicle, Brian hasn't had nearly the amount of time he has felt he needs to do well on his finals. He has been such a support over the last few weeks, but I know that he is really worried about his finals and the lack of time he has had to study for them. He has next over the next 5 days and they are all brutal and he really hasn't had much time to study properly. So if there could be any prayers sent his way to help ease his mind and help improve the effectiveness of the time that he does have left to study I know that we would both appreciate it a lot.
We hope all of you are still in the school part of your lives will have the Spirit to guide your studying and to give you peace to know that your very best will be good enough. Happy finals prepping and yay for when it is all done!


emily said...

hey sophia--we're praying for you guys. good dads like brian have it hard when they're students--but he'll come out on top i'm sure!

we have an extra toddler carseat that you're welcome to if it will fit in the ol' truck--just let me know. i could bring it (and you guys!, if you want) to playgroup or enrichment.